mississippi mud, sketch and bragg

Today I found an incarnation of chocolate so perfect, its name is also an alliteration*.

The Mississippi Mud Pie:

Mississippi Mud Pie

It is not much to look at.
But for the open minded, please visit Petsi Pies for a similarly hyperbolic gustatory experience.

Fueled thus by such a perfect pastry*, I am intermittently working over a pen sketch made at Jeffrey’s Neck in Ipswich, Massachusetts (almost as hard to spell as Mississippi).
Jeffrey's Neck Sketch

And a customary musical offering:
Gotta Work by Billy Bragg & Wilco

And/or listen on Rdio

*more edible alliterations: chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, cooked cabbage, pumpkin pie, broiled broccoli, olive oil …

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solar tilapia covers

Often on these lazy Saturday mornings (when I can’t sleep in past 7), I find myself wondering:   How can I make SOLAR FREAKING ROADWAYS happen?
…It would be such nice. Here’s to more tron and less dead meese.

Non sequitur Tilapia. Drawn from life in our office basement art club.

Finally, an offering of tasty cover songs.
Bang Bang – Monophonics
Ghost of Tom Joad – Junip

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cautious cat crossing

Grumpy Cat spotting near Alewife.

Also, Beautiful photos from Pre-Soviet Russia captured by combining separate red, blue and green exposures.

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rainbow robin

Scrubbing through flickr’s “last 7 days interesting photos” (best seen in slideshow) brought me to a lovely robin.

Now it is rainbow robin.

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A few more o’ my favourite things

Walking, and science:

Courtesy of the new, SWEET exhibit in the Museum of Science, The Hall of Human Life.

Carrot juice!

And bluegrass Modest Mouse tributes.

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Thinkin’ outside da box

A nice and vague New Year’s Resolution!

To think beyond my default setting:
Better said by the late David Foster Wallace.

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One day I aspire to transform simple line drawings with such style as can be seen in the Monster Engine.

Until then, behold the sticky note wizard lady!

..she is, thankfully, not a gif.

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gravy to eat, naps to conquer

In the wake of my third half marathon (one more time!), here are some running tidbits:

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squid! and poem

If I were a squid
Ten legs I would bid
To have instead of eight

A wizard hat on my head
To fill enemies with dread
And a smile
wide and long
full of guile.

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Cookies/cute for the cold

Some heart-warming (and artery-clogging) items for your consideration.

A 98 year old man makes brilliant prints with Microsoft Paint.

What does the fox say??? Fan Art.

Cardamom cinnamon chocolate chip cookie doughs!

And cookies.

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