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bloody stomach

It struck me that I haven’t seen a shiny, blue rendition of the stomach with its associated vasculature before. Well, that all changes now. Happy New Year, internet! And here are my top 100 songs from 2017 – a healthy … Continue reading

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derp deer dernier dimanche

Last weekend was a time to contemplate the beauty of derpy animals. Hopefully just the beginning of a wonderful friendship. On a somber note, Canada lost a talented musician last month. Thank you Gord and the Tragically Hip for bringing … Continue reading

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it’s alive. (+ canada)

progress! It’s been a while since an article has brought tears to my eyes. A beautiful look at the recent change in Canada’s government. And some forlorn(?) Folk for Friday

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quiet gastropods

Getting back to modeling with a new project. And lapping up podcasts.. one exploring Quiet in ‘modern’ society and transformations, complete with a lovely outro song another with a surprising dovetail into the history of Black Friday: Part 1 and … Continue reading

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class doodles

And, some unrelentingly uplifting Canadian music: Any Day Now – Jon and Roy

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mississippi mud, sketch and bragg

Today I found an incarnation of chocolate so perfect, its name is also an alliteration*. The Mississippi Mud Pie: It is not much to look at.But for the open minded, please visit Petsi Pies for a similarly hyperbolic gustatory experience. … Continue reading

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solar tilapia covers

Often on these lazy Saturday mornings (when I can’t sleep in past 7), I find myself wondering:   How can I make SOLAR FREAKING ROADWAYS happen? …It would be such nice. Here’s to more tron and less dead meese. Non sequitur … Continue reading

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A few more o’ my favourite things

Walking, and science: Courtesy of the new, SWEET exhibit in the Museum of Science, The Hall of Human Life. Carrot juice! And bluegrass Modest Mouse tributes.

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breakfast = painting, panic and inspiration

Lately I’ve been whiling away my breakfasts painting over an old sketch (posted earlier), listening to some silly alternative rock pop, and discovering these amazing illustrated quotes by Gavin Aung Than. Never skip the most important meal of the day.

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Important discoveries

I have made two important musical discoveries today. The first and most noteworthy, this esteemed music video. Best listened to on a loop while working. The second! The pixies. Best listened to late(ish) at night while animating. And it snowed!

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