strange art-ifacts

All I can say is that Maya is a powerful software with its own agenda. What folly to think I could simply make a forest.
No, no there must be a forest sphere.

… may post more finds as I journey through this dark UX.

xgen weird mistake

musical interlude

Additional Maya subversions:
(Featuring a cabin surrounded by botched instances courtesy of the evil plugin, Xgen. And a spooky reflective sphere)



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elephant goes to Paris

spent a good portion of 2016 doodling this guy into a rainy street:

elephant in paris
drawn while watching the sweet Irish-Canadian show Vikings, listening to a few nerd audiobooks (American Gods, The Emperor’s Blades, Ready Player One), and hanging out with family, among other cool things.

here are some progress comps!

elephant progress

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with no internet

Having recently returned from a 3 day cabin stay without internet or data (at point no point), a few unanswerable questions occurred to us. I present them here, illustrated in ink and firewood coals, for posterity.

IMG_4554 copy

IMG_4555 copy

IMG_4562 copy

IMG_4564 copy

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which I pronounce in my head, oliphant.


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it’s alive. (+ canada)


It’s been a while since an article has brought tears to my eyes. A beautiful look at the recent change in Canada’s government.

And some forlorn(?) Folk for Friday

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quiet gastropods

3d slug

Getting back to modeling with a new project.

And lapping up podcasts..

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ore wool lumber wheat brick


Cookie Catan

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class doodles

tree doodle

And, some unrelentingly uplifting Canadian music:
Any Day Now – Jon and Roy

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adverb adventures and anatomical art

Visual is to visually, as audible is to….?

And, the gall bladder. Poor guy.

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Cookie butter naps

In continuing efforts to paint myself as a sugar-crazed maniac, I submit that sometimes, one needs to eat cookie butter for breakfast.


I suspect that this choice will haunt me later in the day.

Here is a dramatic (re? future?) enactment of the consequences:

I Wanna Take a Nap I Wanna Take a Nap I Take Nap Right Here Good Night

Good night.

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