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Camping here I come!

And to mark the occasion, a sketch from a New Hampshire fireside two years ago. ps – apologies for product placement

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fanatically* feminist friday

Once upon a time, N64 was developing a time-traveling, dinosaur-fighting adventure game with a… with a female lead character? Named Krystal. Close to release, the whole thing was sacked, and Krystal became a sideshow in a Star Fox game. . . . … Continue reading

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I arrived in Shanghai yesterday afternoon (or early in the morning, Boston time), without any hiccups. We flew over the north pole to get here, and luckily my window seat was facing south so I had a beautiful view of … Continue reading

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Ginger bread invasion*

Wishing everyone an extra joyful/terrestrial holidays *Ginger bread invasion well paired with Suburban Space Invaders by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

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Under construction

Nostalgic music!

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Recently I’ve discovered that yogurt is delicious. Though this involves dousing it in banana, and chocolate cake.

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Not the winning poster – but nice room decor!

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Ontario in pictures

Jogging route! The bottom right area was iffy- all I know was that there were boardwalks, rocks and trees for about 40 minutes. Water! Canada maze! A creek! Some take-out! And a praying mantis. Oh Canada.

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5.6 mile run

The best part about Boston is the exodus of runners outside in the morning, on the Charles. And most of them look as happy as this guy! Music aside: Listening to the Beegees on i-tunes shuffle. 🙂

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