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ore wool lumber wheat brick


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Cookie butter naps

In continuing efforts to paint myself as a sugar-crazed maniac, I submit that sometimes, one needs to eat cookie butter for breakfast. I suspect that this choice will haunt me later in the day. Here is a dramatic (re? future?) … Continue reading

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mississippi mud, sketch and bragg

Today I found an incarnation of chocolate so perfect, its name is also an alliteration*. The Mississippi Mud Pie: It is not much to look at.But for the open minded, please visit Petsi Pies for a similarly hyperbolic gustatory experience. … Continue reading

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A few more o’ my favourite things

Walking, and science: Courtesy of the new, SWEET exhibit in the Museum of Science, The Hall of Human Life. Carrot juice! And bluegrass Modest Mouse tributes.

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Cookies/cute for the cold

Some heart-warming (and artery-clogging) items for your consideration. A 98 year old man makes brilliant prints with Microsoft Paint. What does the fox say??? Fan Art. Cardamom cinnamon chocolate chip cookie doughs! And cookies.

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(un)Dramatic domestic disclosures

I have failed to learn the ancient and incredibly handy art of ironing. I suppose my persistence will either pay off.. or I will burn a hole through one of my prized skirts. At least I make up for this … Continue reading

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I arrived in Shanghai yesterday afternoon (or early in the morning, Boston time), without any hiccups. We flew over the north pole to get here, and luckily my window seat was facing south so I had a beautiful view of … Continue reading

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Ginger bread invasion*

Wishing everyone an extra joyful/terrestrial holidays *Ginger bread invasion well paired with Suburban Space Invaders by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

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Rooibos lemon cranberry scones

I made a batch of scones for a blood drive at work today:   My favorite ingredient to add to baked goods is ground up rooibos tea with bergamot oil. The rest of the recipe was loosely based on this … Continue reading

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Celebration food!

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